A short presentation

My name is Geraldo Novais, I’m a Systems Engineer with over 15 years of experience in software development for Windows, Linux, Web and Embedded Systems.

Areas of greatest interest: Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Hardware-Software Interface.

You can find me on Instagram ou Linkedin

GDG in Dubai – Arab Emirates

Education Background

I graduated in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Systems and Automation at UFRN. The subjects that interested me most involved electronics, control systems, software development and embedded systems.

Professional Experience

My first work experience was as a French interpreter, at the age of 17, at Novotel in Macapá.

After graduating, I worked at CESAR with application development and testing for Motorola phones.

Then I went to EMBRASIM, a company that developed software in the aviation area, and to Flamoil, a company in the geophysics area.

From 2012 to the present, after receiving financial investments, I started to run some business as entrepreneur.

My most current project is a booking system for Receptive Tourism Agencies – AgTransfer.

With CESAR colleagues at Porto Digital in Recife

First International Experience

Travel to England to perform systems integration

After leaving CESAR, I went to Natal to work at Embrasim – Empresa Brasileira de Simuladores, which developed flight simulators for training pilots.

During this period, I had my first international work experience. With just over a year in the company, I went to England to integrate the systems that were developed in conjunction with SONDA Aviation.

Left with colleagues from Sonda Aviation and right with owner Jhon Zacharakis.

My decision to start my own business

Creating something and gaining market share, especially in technology, is really challenging.

In 2012 I left the last company I worked for to execute some projects as an entrepreneur.

I spent time studying negotiation techniques, business models, monetization models, among other things, until I felt prepared to raise financial investment with investors.

The time spent studying was very worthwhile. I managed to be successful with investors in all projects.